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The Boolbrite® Certified Program is run worldwide by Boolbrite International Services a company owned by Grandmaster Puneet Som Mathur.
The Grandmaster is teaching online through courses on UDEMY the Art and Science or Prediction.
Through more than 25 years of his experience as a Predictor he has constituted a unique original program online through which people can now aim to become certified by learn the correct way to undertake prediction services.
Anybody who has an open mind can move up through 9 levels of Experience and start practicing as a professional predictor.
The Certified Predictor Program consists of 9 Levels of certification towards becoming a Master Predictor at the last level. You learn 27 Prediction techniques professionally through this program. You learn through case study methodology where practical real life scenarios are taken up to show how to apply these techniques in real life.
All courses are available on and can be taken from anywhere around the world.
Level 1: YELLOW BELT Foundation level beginners course.
Level 2: BLUE BELT – Master to protect yourself and your sacred space.
Level 3: WHITE BELT– Master the Divine Illumination for prediction.
Level 4: GREEN BELT – Master the Healing for prediction.
Level 5: VIOLET BELT – Master the Cleansing and Transmutation for prediction.
Level 6: APPRENTICE PREDICTOR – Master the Directions and Physical protection technique.
Level 7: PROFESSIONAL PREDICTOR – Master the Directions and Etheric protection technique.
Level 8: EXPERT PREDICTOR – Master the Organizing tools for protection & rituals before a full blown prediction session.
Level 9: MASTER PREDICTOR– Master the Omens, Timings, Framing Questions, Offerings, Sacrifices, Prayers.

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